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Digital Knife Productions Tekkit

Digital Knife Productions Tekkit


The Digital Knife Productions Tekkit Classic server is an open world map where you can do whatever you want. This map includes a city as spawn where you can soon buy the skyscrapers, Donators perks ( ) and a survival world where you can build a create whatever you want!

Our networks of game servers are built from the ground up to be extremely unique and offer gameplay like no other experience available. We strive to bring you a unique game experience that is only possible with our outstanding development team.

When you are building your amazing projects, we do not want all of that great progress that you have made to get lost/ broken. That’s why we automatically backup our server's every 15 minutes.

By carefully picking networks with low latency and high quality Internet bandwidth, we have the best possible foundation to host fast and reliable game servers. We monitor all our hardware and software 24/7 along with making sure our systems are running optimal, to ensure the best possible gaming experience on our game servers. All of our game servers are running on cutting edge Enterprise Hardware. We always make sure to run on top-notch hardware as we constantly strive to replace any outdated game servers that don’t meet our performance expectations.

Our game servers need to be cooled especially at peak times, this is to ensure we keep optimum performance levels while still reducing the power consumption of the game servers.

We decided to use water-cooling on our game servers due to a few simple factors:

 Liquid can transport more heat than gases.

 Water has the best cooling properties of all liquids.

 Water-cooling is around 3500 times better than air-cooling.

Administrators and Moderators
Each member of the DGK team has an extensive background in an array of subjects and expertise ranging from system administration, programming, and web design/development to customer service, managing websites, Minecraft server hosting and much more. These skill sets allow us to provide a top notch hosting environment and experience for thousands of customers.

Our team continues to play Minecraft and stay active within the Minecraft community. We have seen the rise and fall of GMod and Bukkit, the immense growth of the Forge modding community, and the rise of massive Minecraft networks - in fact, our team has helped build some of the greatest Minecraft servers ever. In addition to serving customers around the world, Digital Knife Productions also powers public and private Minecraft servers for YouTube producers and Twitch streamers with a wide range of audiences.

Our team here at Digital Knife Productions works for you. It's our job to continually increase the quality of the Minecraft hosting experience we provide. Whether that means working on new features, faster support response times, or anything else in between, rest assured that our team is fully committed and working every day to improve. If you ever have a suggestion or request, we'd love you to get in touch with us.
If there are any problems or questions, please, please ,please! Email:

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