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11th Dream [No Banned Mods] [Morph Kits] [Greif Pr


About Hello I love Attack of the B Team and would like to make a server. As of now the server is not created this is a post merely requesting if you guys would be interested. We are a community looking for 15 year olds and older. We would be a build server where the sole purpose is to build and enjoy all Attack of the B Team has to offer. PVP would be allowed but only with the other players consent. There are no banned mods since we hate to limit you guys! :) Banned Mods: none Why Join Us? Why join us with all the other Attack of the B- Team servers out there? Well our server has no PVP unless the other player consents so you'll never have to worry about getting raided and you can still PVP unlike on other servers so you can still have friendly duels with other people! We run on 6 GB's of RAM and will upgrade if we have to. This server is for those who want to fully appreciate what Attack of the B- Team has to offer while having fun with a nice community. Major Plugins Some major plugins we would have are Greif Prevention, Essentials, Essentials Spawn, Votifier, GAListener, PEX, Chat Manager, etc....

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