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Astrum Isles


We're back! From the modpack creators of the unofficial Aphmau MC Diaries + and MC Mystreet +, comes Astrum Isles, a 1.12.2 survival roleplay pack with an official server! Out now.

With over 160 mods, you can choose your own path, focus on survival and build a mega automated factory using our range of technology based mods, become a powerful wizard or vampire and live in the mysterious ominous woods biome, or why not a combination of the three? the choice is yours. We also offer a wide variety of mods that revolve around roleplay, join our official server to discover our roleplay community that dates back to our original diaries modpack in 2015. We have future plans coming soon to our server, why not check it out!

View our Technic Modpack page for a full list of the mods included in our pack.

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