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LiteItUp TerraFirmaCraft - Public Server, Towny, n


LiteItUp TerraFirmaCraft is one of the most recent servers that has come out of our gaming community. LIU-TFC is uses just a few plugins to keep the server light, while still being rich with the TFC game play individuals have grown to love. We strive to give people the gaming experience they need and also to create an even stronger gaming community.

The server currently has:
Towny will protect your town from people who aren't members. This includes, barrels, chest, doors ect, and will keep your items protected. However, should you want to protect your stuff from others inside your town, you just use lockette! Protect your items by placing a sign on a chest (or whatever item you're trying to protect), and you're all set! To add others, do /lockette 3 (playername), or /lockette 4 (playername)

Claim land for your town and invite others to live with you! With the ability to create plots, there's no limit to what kind of town you can create!

To see in game commands: /towny
To create a new town: /town new (townname)
To add someone: /town add (PlayerName)
To see the map: /towny map
To go to town spawn: /t spawn

For each one person in the town, an additional 10 land is able to be claimed. Start forming those towns, inviting people, and try to become the number one town on the server!

Each individual has three (3) /sethomes

The ability to /tp , /tpa, has been DISABLED in order to provide a more realistic feel to the game. This forces players to use areas such as spawn, or player made towns in order to do the trading.

Money is disabled on this server. All trades are done between player/player, and is completed with items. Players will create their own economy with the prices and trading values of all items fluctuating depending on the demand at the given time. This creates a more dynamic game play as an "admin shop" isn't dictating how much items are worth. Also derails the drive to make "money money money" but instead creating items which helps out the server as a whole.

Keep chat clean (no spamming)
Be mature about language (swearing to a minimum)
Respect everyone (members and staff)
Have a great time!

Server Information:

IP :

Modpack :


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Please report any bugs, glitches, errors or complaints to staff members!

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