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Guns and Glory



This is where you will spawn!


Come fight your friend's enemies or both!

Welcome to Guns and Glory 5.0

We are the Ultimate Warfare Raiding Server Modpack. Tons of machines, Nukes.

Launch Missile Strikes on your enemies.

Download here:

Mod List:

Optifine Codechicken Core NEI Applied energistics 2 Psychedelicraft Fastcraft ArmorStatusHud StatusEffectshud *Treecapitator Bibliocraft Thermal Foundation, Thermal Expansion,Thermal Dynamics Big Reactors Forge Mulipart Chisel Dragon's Radio Mod Enchanting Plus Fission Warfare Flan's Mod Hamsterrific Iron Chest JourneyMap MC Helicopter Mekanism Nether Ores Open Modular Turrets Pam's Harvestcraft Redstone Arsenal Simply Jetpacks RFDrills Realistic Terrain Generation Solar Flux Waila Forge Microblocks Modular Force Field Systems Security craft

'Protectors' (E.G/ US_Marines_711) use their power to find and grief you, then pretend it wasn't them...

Server is a waste of time.
Posted 23rd Apr 2017