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Technical Trials

Explore with new creatures.
Little about ourselves
Amazing spawn to help you advance.
One of the many limitless creations you can build.
Protect yourself from the wildlife that lures around.

Technical-Trials is a Multiplayer based unique modpack that puts you into a strange factory based [hard mode] world.Be ready to survive in a world with reduced ore, mob and plant spawning. The mod completely changes the way you look at Minecraft. How you play is totally up to you! Will you decide to grow automatic weed farm and have ender minion as your girlfriend/boyfriend!? Maybe you will try to be friends with hungry bears and sharks or build epic factory machines in house what looks like a horse!? It´s all up to you! You will never feel bored thanks to mods such as Tinkers, ProjectRed, OpenTurrets, Mekanism, EnderIO, AE2, Buildcraft, Big Reactors, Steves, Thermal, Oceancraft, Farlanders and much more!

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