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Hallowed Fantasy

Hallowed Fantasy


Hallowed Fantasy: Competitive Pixelmon Redefined



Pixelmon Version: Pixelmon REFORGED (always on latest version!)

Hallowed Fantasy is a competitive-based Pixelmon server, bringing you fierce Gym Battles, exciting weekly Tournaments, a friendly community, custom Pixelmon textures, and much more!


Competitive Gyms - 8 leaders of dual-type competitive gyms await your challenge for fierce gym battles!

Ranked Laddering System - Battle your way to the top of our Ranked Ladders by defeating other players in weekly tournaments. HUGE rewards given to the top 3 ranked players of each month!

Weekly Competitive Tournaments - Face off against other skilled Pixelmon players in exciting tournaments, featuring different tiers and formats!

Safari Zone - You can catch many different rare Pixelmon in our huge Safari Zone!

Dynamic PokeEditor System - Edit your Pixelmon with ease with our PokeEediting system! This allows you to change your Pixelmon's nature, size, caught ball, and more by using in-game money!

Custom Pixelmon Textures - Obtain exclusive skins for certain Pixelmon, exclusive to Hallowed Fantasy!

PokeHunts - Use the /hunts command in-game to see a list of Pixelmon capture quests. If you capture one of the specified Pixelmon from the list you will get in-game money and other great rewards!

Weekly Events - We host Drop Parties, Big Digs, and other events weekly!

Huge Vote Shop - Vote to earn Vote Points, which you can use in our Vote Shop to earn FREE rewards!

Other Features:

  • The EVs/IVs sidemod to allow players to check their pokemon's EVs, IVs, and Hidden Power type with a single command
  • An EV Training Center for players to EV train their pokemon for free and with ease
  • The GriefPrevention plugin to keep player's builds from being griefed
  • Pixelmon Riding Enabled
  • Pokemon Breeding and reduced breeding times
  • All Legendaries Spawn

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How to join the server:

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