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Wizarding empires


Wizarding Empires is a modpack and server containing all of your favorite magic based mods! The server is intended for people looking for a primarily PvE experience but with access to PvP outside of protected areas and player claims. Unlike some other magic modpacks that have both magic and tech mods this pack is completely focused on the magic side of modding. On this modpack you can do anything from build a small witches hut to living in a true "Wizarding Empire"

Our custom modpack contains major magic mods such as Thaumcraft, Witchery and Ars Magica as well as a few other mods that complement a magical world such as biomes o' plenty and Tinkers Construct. We are trying to keep the number of mods lower than some other modpacks (such as FTB magic world) to avoid the unnecessary lag and long load times added in larger modpacks.

Our custom modpack for the technic launcher is available at

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