This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CompanyCraft Tekkit


Welcome to Company Craft!
This is a Tekkit Classic server based around Companies that players create! The server is chocked full of cool features all listed below.

Grief Prevention

If you are griefed, you can report the grief EVEN IF NO ADMIN IS ONLINE! We can then reverse the grief completely, and ban the griefer! In server please do "/report grief " to report one.

Quality Staff

The staff are (and will be) hand picked from people who are qualified and trusted. Also, you can report the staff for ANY abuse with "/report " and only the owner will be able to see it! We take abuse very seriously and punish any staff who commits it!

Great Community

We support the players and their efforts on the server! Not only that, if you invite someone to the server, you and your friend each gets a reward (for the list of rewards, look below)! You can also get a reward for reporting dupes or glitches! Finally, we have a public Drop Party zone! Rich players can donate items into the pool, and when it is full enough, a staff member will start the items flying!

Your Choice

We listen to everyone's suggestions for changes and plugins! Think an item shouldn't be banned? Tell us and make your argument! Think a certain plugin would improve game play? Fine by me! Currently we are considering adding Towny, but it is completely up to the players!

24/7 Server

The server is constantly running except for 4 restarts a day! The times are: 12am, 6am, 12pm, and 6pm EST. If we need to whitelist or shutdown/restart the server for testing or adding a plugin, we will give loads of warning in advance!

Few Banned Items

The banned items are only the necessary ones! A few are because of massive server crashes that can occur, and a few are for grief prevention! The list is:
All rings but swift wolf (this is debatable, and may change)
Catalytic Lens
Destruction Catalyst
Mercurial Eye
Watch of Flowing Time
Nova Catalys(t/m)
Feed Station
Tunnel Bores
Alarms (again, debatable)
Frame Motor
DM pedestal
Mining Laser
Water Straining

The Site

Please check out the new site and register! We have HUGE plans for Company Craft and really hope you are looking forward to them!

An extra /sethome
Crystal Chest
Solar Panelsx4
Macerator and Extractor
Glass Fibre Cablesx64
Swift wolf's Rending Gale

The Rules

Basic Rules
-1. No spamming!
-2. No using banned words!
-3. No impersonating staff!
-4. Do not ask for staff or items!
-5. No cheating, hacking, or duping!
-6. No Disrespect towards anyone on the server!
-7. No trolling!
-8. No threats against the server!
PvP/Raiding/Stealing Rules
-1. PvP is only allowed at night (7PM to 6AM).
-2. Griefing is never allowed!
-3. Stealing from unlocked chests is allowed.
-4. Spawn killing or home killing is not allowed!

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