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Legends of Anarchy Modded Factions


This modpack has everything you want in it! From everything PVP to everything tech we got it! Our server is a lagless experience. We are looking for mature, experienced, and friendly staff to help us run it. The server has no banned items! Our only request is that you don't abuse this! If you abuse any items to dupe, make an impenetrable base, or lag the server, we can and will ban it and/or ban you.

Mod List: Version Public server now open!!
Draconic Evolution
Open Blocks
Extra Utilities
Malasis Doors
More Flans Packs
Build Craft
Archimedes Ships
Industrial Craft 2
Security Craft
Applied Energistics
Big Reactors
Biomes O' Plenty
Carpenters Blocks
Computer Craft
Ender Storage
Flans Mod
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chest
MC Heli
Modular Turrets
Pam's Harvest Craft
Reis Minimap
Tinkerers Construct
Thermal Expansion
Tree Capitator
Vein Miner

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