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Nylaathria's Tekkit Server


A friendly Tekkit server, running 1.2.9e!

  • IP:
  • Dynmap:
  • Currently room for up to 100 players.
  • Running on a 100/100MBit line, up 24/7, Server Location: Denmark.
  • Economy, Warps and more.
  • Hourly & Daily backups.

  • Current world has been active since 01 / 06 / 2014 (dd/mm/yy).
  • Survival Server.
  • PvE Server, but with PvP Island.
  • Mobs doesn't spawn naturally, but can spawn from Spawners, which can be purchased from the shop.
  • Settle anywhere.
  • No griefing - You will get banned (PvP Island excluded - Read more down under*)
  • Newcommers can build when they join, they'll be added to a trialist rank after speaking to Nightzorn.
  • Several Anti-griefing plugins.
  • Claim Blocks & Towny.
  • English / Danish language. (All Danes on the server speaks fluent English, and speaks English when there's non-Danes online.)

  • Serious / Mature players, but lots of fun!
  • Trolls wanting to destroy stuff just for the fun of it ain't welcome, and will be banned promptly. Anti-Griefing tools in placement, would be rather boring for you as a troll.

New - 05 / 06 / 2014:

  • PvP Island has been added (/warp PvPIsland), here everything is legal and acceptable.
  • PvP Enabled.
  • Griefing fine (On the PvP Island ONLY).
  • TNT enabled.
  • The hardcore Survival PvP aspects of Minecraft.

  • Shop has been added to the game, prices high to keep survival aspects fun.

New - 06 / 06 / 2014:

  • The server can now take 100 players. :-)

Mod List:

  • Citizens
  • Essentials
  • Lockette (Private Chests & Doors)
  • Lift (Iron Block, Glass, Sign & Button = Elevator)
  • mcMMO
  • DynMap
  • Backup Plugin
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • Grief Prevention
  • DisguiseCraft
  • Towny
  • Private Warps


  • Guest: Basic permissions.
  • Trialist: Basic permissions, can build, can /warp & /warps.
  • Member: Most permissions, can build, /setwarp, /warp, and /warps.
  • Op: Same as Member Rank, but can Kick & Ban.
  • Admin: Can do all da things.


  • Here you can find a texture pack (Sphax) that includes most, if not all, Tekkit plugins (128x128).
  • There's also a small basic Texture pack (16x16) that only covers basic textures, lightweight.

Best Regards

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