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Kingdom Specialists

Kingdom Specialists


Welcome to Kingdom Specialists - 1.12.2

It is a building, technology, survival themed modpack with some of the best mods and some extra ones to make it that little more unique and to make it a realistic, pretty world! There are over 100 mods and plugins for you to play with.

For building: We have many mods which allows you to have as many different resources you like, many more blocks available and builders wands to make building that little bit more easier for the big builders.
For technology: We have many of the decent mods like ender io, mekanism, ae2, thermal expansion, build craft, and so on . We do allow automation as long as it doesn't lag the server too badly!
For survival:We have animania, end reborn, pams, and mystical world. There are also a variety of animals you can find, see, and breed. You can make your own farms too!
For realistic: We have seasons which is where the world cycles through spring, summer, autumn, and winter; over and over again. We have a tree mod which changes all of our normal vanilla Minecraft trees into realistic huge trees. We have biomes o' plenty as well as mystical world mod which adds small things like flowers and a couple extra mobs as well as dynamic sounds to make your experience more realistic!
Overall, there is so many things to mine, so many plugins to improve your experience, and be able to have advanced tech for your realistic gaming experience.

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