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TWAWKI B-Team - Small friendly survival server! :)


Update January 2024: We are ONLINE - This site just shows us as offline for some reason!
In fact, we have been continuously online from March 2015, and there's no plans to stop ever! :D

TWAWKI group has had many Minecraft servers past three years. We've had Vanilla, Tekkit, Hexxit, Vanilla, B-Team, Tekkit, Madpack, Hexxit, TPPI, UMS2, Departed, Blightfall, Life In The Woods, TerraFirmaCraft, LNG Realistic Life, Ultimate Quest Pack, Tekkit Legends, Galactic Science, Space Astronomy, Infinity, Vanilla, C-Team, Unabridged, few custom modpacks and probably some other servers already forgotten.

But Attack of the B-Team has always been our favourite as it's the awesomest pack of them all! :D

We are not trying to be the best and the biggest server, there's enough of them already. Our goal instead is to make a server that we can call home! :) We are very nice, friendly and helpful community of new and long-time players, who welcome everyone who seek for relaxing easy survival gaming. We don't have too much staff and when they play they play as normal survival players. Nobody gets any item privileges, and admins and owner mines and builds stuff like everybody else in survival.


  • Players can build their bases virtually where ever they like (except to the other players backyards). Some players have also formed villages and played there as individuals or as groups.
  • The world is infinite, there is no world borders. Explore your heart out!
  • There is no annoying "clearlagg's" or forced regular restarts to keep the lag away, as the server is kept lag-free with careful manual interventions and staff cleaning old bases from chunk loaders and laggy contraptions. Yes you heard right, chunk loaders are allowed as they don't cause lag, it's laggy machinery which causes lag, and if your base don't have laggy stuff then you are welcome to keep it running 24/7 with chunk loaders. If you really need million cactuses, go for it! xD
  • Players can build awesome stuff without need to worry that it will be gone next day. Mob block damage is off. Griefed stuff can be rollbacked. GriefPrevention claiming and our admins hawk eyes protects the rest. :)
  • Claimable area increases by non-afk playing time. The longer you play the larger you can build.
  • There is no server shops other than for some glitched items which can't be crafted. All the shops are made by players for the players. You get money when you start on the server and from daily login rewards, and from selling and trading stuff with other players. Economy is stable, no insane multi-thousand-dollar ingot prices!
  • We have already 40 different radio channels for OpenBlocks radio, including lots of musical styles, plus some fun non-musical channels too. Collect them all and we'll add some more!
  • Server runs on a dedicated hardware with fast network, tera-byte harddisks, fast CPU and lots of RAM.
  • Server's location in Eastern North America provides excellent lag-free connections also to Europe (owner is from Europe so this is a must!).


  • PvP is not allowed and it's OFF by default.
  • Griefing, stealing and raiding are not allowed. Doing these is sure way to get permanently banned.
  • No swearing, not even concealed swears or acronyms of swearing as their meaning is just the same as the real words. We keep our server kid-friendly and nice place for players of all ages by enforcing this rule seriously. :)
  • No spamming, racism, sexism or sexual content either. Not even as "jokes" or "memes". Keep it clean, respect others and you are respected.
  • Don't cheat, don't hack, don't abuse bugs and glitches. Doing those on survival server is totally lame.
  • Anyone cheating by duplicating or generating items by abusing bugs and glitches, or receiving or distributing stuff gained by such cheaty methods, will be banned. Intended use of lava fabricators, magma crucibles and other machinery is of course allowed.
  • All server lagging or crashing contraptions will be deleted.
  • Don't ask staff for privileges, ranks, or staff positions as you won't get them that way. Not that we would even have such. :P
  • All player bans are permanent. No temporary bans. If the breaking of the rules is severe enough, also the rule breakers friends may get banned to stop them getting revenge, use cheated/hacked-in stuff, or whine the rule breaker back. We don't ban jokingly and we don't have immature admins or mods who would troll the players and ban for random reasons. Our admins don't have sense of humour when it comes to the rules.

Banned stuff:

  • All banning has been done with great regret and only to protect the honest players.
  • Minions Mod (griefing) (Necromancy minions are ok)
  • Dubstep guns (crashing)
  • Statues hammer (griefing)
  • Golden Eggs (griefing)
  • Flans Mechas (griefing)

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