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300,000 Eastern Forces troops began approaching the Central Union at 0000 hours for the Suprise Assault on the capital. However, a spy for the Central Union revealed the Eastern Forces plans just before the attack. With preparation and information on their side, the Central Union's military set up a counterattack force of 250,000 units and 27,874 tanks. The battle was catastrophic, with each side suffering numerous casualities. After four and a half days of fighting,the Eastern Forces had taken the capital. Feircely outmatched and tactically disadvantaged, the Central Union fell back to their last resort. High command of the Central Union launched the first wave of missiles, destroying the capital of the Eastern Forces, as well as the military headquarters. The Eastern Forces retaliated, striking against both the Central Union and the Tropical Alliance. The Tropical Alliance retalliated against the Eastern Forces and the United Islands of Garmica, and so on and so forth, snowballing into a thermonuclear war that decimated everything. Soon, governments toppled and anarchy reigned supreme. However, it only lasted a year or so, as the radiation started slowly killing most of the survivors. Only 0.05% of the world's population remained.The Northern Conglamerate and the Southern Empire rose soon after the anarchy ended, and ever since then, PEOPLE have been creating their own factions in either hopes to rebuild the world, or to claim everything as their own. The Conglamerate has always been the biggest and most triumphant faction, due to good location and resources. South has always been the second largest. Focusing on military might, they have always been bullying everyone except for the Northern faction, whom they all fear.

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