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Shipwrecked! Survivor Stories


Shipwrecked! Survivor Stories is tailored for the vast roleplay community that caters to Minecraft near and far. Each feature is carefully directed and supported by those with roleplay experience, and those who have witnessed the horrors of poor moderation and bias. To compensate for the evident shortcomings we face, we have instituted policies which we feel are best suited for the playerbase, which are fool-proof and virtually ensure certain shenanigans won't go unpunished or unnoticed. To enhance the experience we're providing, the server runs off a modpack known as "Pirates of the Lost Sea". Despite this we are not a server built with PvP in our range of vision, and wish not to become one. For more information on installation of the Technic Launcher and our in-use modpack, visit our forums at! Don't forget to whitelist yourself, and submit a staff application if you wish for the server to become a dream-made-reality!

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