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On this tekkit server, we have a few banned items and friendly staff.
We provide you with a relatively smooth experience.
We have great voter rewards for you.
It will be such a pleasure to have you on our server.
[1] Be respectful
[2] Don't be offensive
[3] Use common sense
[4] Don't dupe
[5] Don't argue in main chat. Please use /msg (name) (message)
[6] Don't grief
[7] Keep swearing to a minimum
[8] Report any dupes or glitches to admins for a reward
[9] Don't steal
[10] Don't trust random people to your land!
[11] Don't ask for items
[12] There are no refunds. If you lose items they're gone forever
[13] Don't use afk machines. It auto kicks for a reason.
[14] If your base was griefed and you didn't claim it don't come crying to us.

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