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HelixMC - An Experience

Our Family

Our Family

Goldbender1122, FliBear, xxtoonamixx, MiningEnder, Pedrooouo and xgabimaniax
Forzaafamas and Enabled_Duckle

Forzaafamas and Enabled_Duckle

Forzaafamas and Enabled_Duckle pose for a selfie


Bananaminer poses for a selfie
Spawn Angle 1

Spawn Angle 1

Spawn Angle 2

Spawn Angle 2

☆ Recommended as the best Attack of The B-Team Server by many ☆

Join us for a hair raising game of Attack of the B-Team like no other. A lag free server with a very friendly community, pve no griefing and an experience like no other!
We update content, gathering community events and make our community more enjoyable than ever before. Join us and see for yourself :)

IP: /

Website Link
Discord Voice Server

What makes us the best?

  • Many Kits to choose from!
  • The friendliest community you will find by a long shot :)
  • OP Voting Reward Kits , every time you vote
  • A thriving economy. Thanks to Jobs, Auctions & Lottery
  • No Lag! You hate it and so do we.
  • Running on the best servers, no cheapo stuff :)
  • PvE World, PvP Nether
  • Resource World for money making $$$
  • Moon and Mars :)
  • Lottery
  • Air Drops
  • Sleep Feature
  • Auctions!
  • Over 400+ Random Items Rewards
  • Premium Jobs
  • Adminshop
  • Helix Playershops
  • Survival
  • Over 70+ Rewards!
  • Referral Reward System
  • All Morphs

The Geeky Stuff:

Based in France (Good EU and NA Ping)
32GB of Dedicated RAM to 1 Server
Fast Intel i7 6700K OC Processor
Optimized Pixelmon Server for No Lag & 100% Uptime!

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