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This will NOT work with the Vanilla Launcher. Read below for details.

Arviksa is a custom modpack which has been well tested to integrate with our server. Every mod has been tested to work with our primary protection plugin, GriefPrevention, as well as to interact properly with other mods. Most issues have either been fixed, or we have found an internal workaround for. Known issues that still persist are being tracked and are noted in teamspeak.

This server is hosted in the United States!

The Platform URL (The link you put into the launcher) is:
Details on adding the pack and downloading the Technic Launcher can be found at

You may NOT use the Arviksa modpack to connect to any server other than our own. You may NOT distribute the mods included in the Arviksa modpack individually or as a whole.

Gameplay related:

No griefing.
No use of hacks or glitches.
You are allowed to steal items
PvP is allowed.
No scamming.
No AFK machines

Community related:

Be respectful when chatting with staffs and players.
Do not make any false alarms.
No spamming in chat.
No advertising.

Banned Items
Our banned items list is located at


Towny will NOT protect your mod blocks. Make sure to claim with a golden shovel
To avoid being engaged in PvP, claim your home with a golden shovel or join/create a faction.
To avoid your items being stolen, keep your chests in your plot.
Report any glitches, bugs or loopholes in the forum.
When someone is being disrespectful to you, keep calm and report to a staff.
Make sure anyone who is living near you is trustworthy by checking anything suspicious.

Check out our mod list at

Arviksa Server:

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