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Yeaduckcraft2 ModPack "Yeaduckcraft" 1.7.10


Here is some info about us, Yeaduckcraft is a multi server business/company that i created 2 years ago, We own 2 servers and one ModPack "Yeaduckcraft" i owned many servers before this but never want over good. this server has been going for a long time and we are doing good and we will keep making changes and keep adding more servers. We are not rich or famous but we make ends met and we give the best game play experience you can get. Our servers are not perfect and we may have problems from time to time but no server is perfect, we cant make everyone happy there will be that one person that says the server sucks etc, then we will have the people that been with us from the start and they love the server. Everyone can join and play for free!. You can buy in game items at "Http://". All donations/purchases are put in to the servers for upgrades and paying for the servers. Hope you come join and check us out. Thanks!.
(Owner) boxmb
(CoOwner) hawkwand.

JoinUp!! IP, ModPack "Yeaduckcraft"
Rules and Banneditems list in game,
Many plugins Many Mods and some custom mods.

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