This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ModBot's Tekkit [1.2.8c]


This server uses the Tekkit [1.2.8c] MODPACK

The server has gone the extra mile to secure your claims to make sure they're extremly secure, the point is if you've claimed an area no one should be able to touch it but you and your trusted friends.

Spawn is Minimalistic, its there to help educate you about the server, and get you out to the world and playing.Its your world, we just keep it running.

SERVER RULES: No Griefing Protected Claims, No Stealing, No PVP in non-PVP Areas, No Spamming,

No Excessive Swearing.




NOTHING is banned for no reason, Experience has shown that these items have bypassed claim protection led to server crashes or have ruined the in game economy.

WE WANT YOU: Looking for more peeps for our player slots! The WORLD and MOON have PVP disabled but we still have PVP enabled in the END have your duels and deathmatches there! If your home is claimed its safe, we also give you a few flags you can modify in your own claim areas to stop monsters from spawning or snow from collecting.

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