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Casa De Nuke - Tekkit Lite


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Welcome to Casa De Nuke! A server for the players, by the players!

We’re sick of those amazing PvP / Anarchy / Raiding / Griefing / Factions / Apocalypse (etc etc etc) servers where you get so hooked in and fall in love with it- only to have the server owners get fed up with the upkeep and shut it down within a month.

I mean seriously, what gives? If you’re getting 200+ unique players a week, why on earth would you shut it down? Well the obvious reason (so these owners tell us) is that "upkeep is expensive”.

Well we’re calling it quits with those losers. We’re not in this to make a profit. We’re in this to make it the best, most dedicated server ever. In fact, we don’t even care about donations. We aren’t going to give you any "donator rewards”. We aren’t going to give you dumb Donator titles or nicknames. We don’t want your money. Seriously.

We want YOU to enjoy the server. We want YOU to nuke newbs like there’s no tomorrow. We want YOU to grief other people’s faction bases as much as possible.

And we hope you have DA-I mean- DARN good time doing it :)

So enjoy!

And now, onto the server details, which I KNOW you’ve been dying for by now.

This is a server for mature players. If you choose to play on it, you’re accepting that there will be trolls. There will be things said in chat you might not want to hear. But we really don’t want to stop the trolls, we find them entertaining :) The only time we might step in is if racist or homophobic remarks are made or if someone is spamming. But other than that, you can cuss and CAPS all you like, lol.

Banned items (and our reasoning) –

- Dimensional Anchor: Consumes extra server resources.
- Teleport Tether: Consumes extra server resources.
- Canvas Bag: Can be used to dupe items.
- Disk Drive: Can be used to dupe items.
- Spot Loader: Consumes extra server resources.
- Chunk Loader: Consumes extra server resources.
- Personal Safe: Can crash server. Lern 2 protect base better, nub!
- Trade-O-Mat: Useless.
- Energy-O-Mat: Useless.
- QuantumSuit Bodyarmor: Too OP. Let's actually kill each other.
- QuantumSuit Leggings: Too OP. Let's actually kill each other.
- Force Field Emitter: Too OP. Let's actually kill each other. These are now allowed
- REP: Causes bad crash.
- Shoulder-Mounted Piston: Possible spawn grief.
- Power Armor Energy Shield Upgrade: Too OP. Let's actually kill each other.
- Force Fields: Cause server crashes and too OP.
- Computer Craft: Makes server lag when n00bs can't write efficient code to save their lives.

We kept (of course!) nukes, TNT, and dynamite (because raiding just isn’t fun without those :D). If we see an area on the map has been… excessively ravaged, we’ll regenerate the landscape so it’s useable again.

The world has a world border! Currently it’s a circular border with a 5k radius (we liked 5k because it keeps people penned up and easier to find ;) ). We MIGHT expand it to 10k, if the server gets really busy, but for now, 5k is plenty. The world is pre-generated so you won’t lag out the server while you’re exploring and finding a home for your base.

We have a dynamic map! Check it out here: . If you don’t already understand the implications of this, you’ll learn quickly ;) Lol.

Your position will NOT be shown on the map if:

1) There are blocks between you and the open sky, OR
2) You are in a light level lower than 7, OR
3) You are sneaking.

This means you are encouraged to play stealthily! Go out at night, stay underground, and look for enemies to make a mistake and show up on the map. Or make yourself visible on the map to draw other players to your position if you’re looking for a fight!

We’ve added in the Monster Apocalypse plugin. Monsters will spawn during the day and Zombie Pigmen will be auto-aggro. Be safe. Protect yourself. And good luck getting out of the city alive! More likely than not, monsters will be your primary cause of death until you’ve made yourself some good armor.

We removed Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors – they lag the server too much and really aren’t necessary.

Clearly we have the factions plugin, because there’s nothing better in the world than strategically planning other factions’ demise with your friends. And Factions is SO MUCH better than Towny for Raiding/Griefing servers. I mean seriously, why even towny…

Now, I know this sounds like an AWESOME server. And you’re super keen to "lend a hand” or "contribute”. BUT, we will not be hiring admins/ops/staff/moderators/anything. Ever. Don’t ask. Seriously, we’ll kick you every time you ask us. And if you keep pestering us to give you a position, we’ll temp-ban you for a week. So it’s really not worth wasting your breath.

Enjoy the server!

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