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PLAY.TOWNYWORLDS.COM provides a unique Minecraft sandbox experience that can't be found anywhere else. We pride ourselves in innovation, excitement, and a dynamic gameplay. TownyWorlds is run on top of the line server hardware preventing lag and ensuring a blazing fast gameplay experience.

Choose Your Path
Join a town to get started quickly. Some towns give you free resources and a pre-built house to start your journey on TownyWorlds. Once you've accumulated enough resources and money, feel free to start your own town and embark on your path towards establishing a nation. Add residents and make money by taxing shops and town plots.

Battle to the Death
Battle other players in the wilderness, the nether, our large PVP arenas, or in your own towns. Not feeling PVP? Battle hordes of mobs in our Mob Arena or collect rare loot from dangerous monsters in the wild.

Our dedicated event staff run daily events and games for our growing player base. Win prizes, money, and rewards in parkour, mazes, races, and PVP tourneys.

Friendly Staff
Our staff members have all started out as players just like you. They are dedicated, respectful, and always willing to help.

Treasure and Loot
Find hidden treasure chests and loot around the server.

Rise up the Ranks
Gain seniority and become a leader by gaining wealth in the auction house, as an emperor, or mayor.

Ready to start your adventure? Join us at Also, join us on our newly launched website:

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