This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TheVoidance GP PvE


-|- TheVoidance PvE GP -|-

Server IP:


  • Plugins *
  • AutoRank (Many ranks and perks from time played!)

  • ChestShop (Player Malls = Player economy!)

  • DisguiseCraft (Cool perk for all of our donors!)

  • Essentials (All the awesome needed commands for greatness!)

  • Grief Prevention (Claim your items, no griefing ensured!)

  • LWC (Lock your stuff, stay protected!)

  • MobArena (Fight waves of mobs for rewards!)

  • MobBountyReloaded (Earn money for killing mobs!)

  • NoLagg (Ensure maximum server performance!)

  • RandomSpawn (Randomly teleport at the click of a sign!)

  • TreeAssit (Cut down those trees much faster!)

  • And many, many more! (Over 30+ plugins!)

    • Rules *
  • Keep chat fun and interactive! (No excessive Swearing)

  • No harassment of other players (Everyone has fun!)

  • No advertising! (Just play our server and have fun!)

  • No abusing commands! (We give perks, don't ruin that)

  • No PvP! (People don't like being killed! >:U)

  • Do not ask for items, ranks, op, perms, etc. (Don't beg!)

    • Voting *

    Voting rewards are extremely beneficial to boht the server and the players!
    Just vote on our website on the forums or though this page, and get these rewards:
    $25,000 in the economy, 8 diamonds, 16 EXP Potions, and 8 steak per vote! There are 4 total votes!

    • About Us *

    We are a tekkit classic server that strives to be the server that people want to play on.
    We want all of our players to have fun and we will try our hardest to ensure that happens!
    The Staff have worked very hard to get where we are today, and we are willing to bring this
    server to the very top with the support of our players and fans! So come join us! :D

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