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Deathview Games Mc

Deathview Games Mc


The great server of Deathview games has plenty to offer to are community here i will list all of the great things we have for you and friends to enjoy on are server.
The Great Staff Members And The Support Of The Staff Are
Always Working Together To Keep The Server Fresh And Friendly For A Great Experience.
The Server Dare I Need To Say Has A Great Community Of Friendly Players.
We Have 14 Voting Sites So You Can Have A Various Amount Of Rewards.
Now Lets Get More In To In Game Features. The Best Part Of The Servers long list of features
Are Listed Here.The Server Has A Unique Layout Of Plugins Such As.
Residence This Plugin Allows Your Land And Builds To Be Claimed And Protected From Griefing It Even Allows You To Add People To Your Claim. For Help With This Plugin Here Are Some Helpful Links
Another Great Plugin We Have In Addition To The Server Is Chestshop.
Chest Shop Allows Players To Buy And Sell Items. This Helps Players To Make Money And Even Acquire Certain Items. For Help On This Plugin Here Are Some Links
The Server Has Npcs Set Up In Certain Areas That Have Warps. These Allow You To Buy And Sell Items. This Is Very Unique Because There Set In Certain Biomes And Are Cool Concepts.
The Server Also Allows The Buying And Selling Of Mob Spawners. Which Can Be Very Useful For Farming Materials Which Is Helpful To Sell And Make Money.
Staff Are Very Nice And Give Helpful Advice. Also Very Helpful And Useful Support.
We Even Have Teampspeak
Last Of All We Have Very Good And Cheep Donation Rank,s.
-Deathview Games Server Staff

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