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A Mianite Reborn Mod player server

Live Map updated ever hour

Live Map updated ever hour

We built this server with all the best additions we could find! We have player trading shops, we have a fully functioning economy that you can sell and buy directly from the server, the villagers are active in the market (that was a fun one to setup), the world is VAST with the Capital City and Mages School are ready for you. As part of our new server any player if they want can have a home in the Capital City just ask a Mod... build a shop or just setup a base to explore. World portals have been created and more are added all the time.

We like to keep it simple - our server mentality is "do unto other as you would have done unto yourself" - simple don't be an asshat :) The mods are fun easy going guys who look forward to learning along with the players.

The server hardware is privately owned and TOP notched so lag and hiccups are a min - (mod tested)

Give us a shot - lets build something fun!

-RobotCarnival (Mod)

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