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The New Evolution


Sick of playing voltz 1.5.2? and being bored with the same old machines that you have been working with for years? Well, wait no longer because this is the updated version of the popular PvP based modpack "Voltz". In this modpack you will find that I tried to keep the original intent of Voltz in our minds while making this modpack. I have included all major mods that were part of Voltz, which means we have Mekanism, Powersuits, GalactiCraft. Have fun playing this pack and we hope to see all our fellow Voltz veterans join this pack.So join our pack today, you will not regret your decision. If you have any suggestions please just tell me and ill try and fix them.

Download Link:

It is a good server and it has a good admin an also a great community of people. There are little to no bugs on the server
Posted 2nd Apr 2017
its a really fun modpack, with a small community at the moment but great potential to grow.
spawn and shop are still being build, with could give a opportunity give tips on wat would be great
Posted 19th Jan 2017