This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.0.9c] Coolax B-Team [PvP/PvE][10000 Slots][No B


Server Ip -

Server Website -

Server TeamSpeak -

Rules of Coolax -

  1. Don't hack.

  2. Don't spam, be racist or sexist.

  3. Be respectful.

  4. Call lag "taco"

  5. Don't try to grief Spawn or else.

Also, we have no banned items as we think doing this really ruins gameplay.

Some Major plugins of Coolax B-Team are -

  1. Essentials

  2. Factions

  3. Votifier

  4. McMMo

  5. Spleef

  6. BosEconomy

  7. Announcer

  8. World Edit

  9. World Guard

Coolax B-Team is a factions PvP all out war server. In Coolax you can grief and raid as much as you want. As we have no banned items and all crashes under control, you can grief as much as you want. We also have enough money to keep the server going and going!

To prove that we have no lag (or taco). We will list our hardware!

  1. Intel Xeon 8 Core Processor

  2. Dedicated

  3. 16 GIGS of ram.

  4. 20 Gigs SSD

  5. Unlimited Bandwidth

Our server rarely crashes. Its like 2 crashes per week. Our staff are responsive, they will respond to all your needs. If you are new to B-Team, just tell one of our staff and he will teleport you to a world where you will have no grief or PvP. We will explain every bit of B-Team and how it works.

If you want to see if the server is tacoing use the command '/e lag'. With this you can confirm our hardware.

If you don't feel safe visiting our website you can just easily go to out information center in spawn. We have professional Builders who made our awesome spawn.

Also we decided to make out server 24/7 because we know that some people really want to play Minecraft the whole day. Also even if our server crashes, thanks to my ingenious program, the server will restart as soon as the crash report it will restart in a second.

We wont run into a lot of bugs as we have MCPC. Our announcements will allow you to keep you up to date on all things.

If you are really lagging badly, then you can just do '/lagg clear'. That will reduce lag (if there is any).

Because I really don't do anything else then manage this server, (I don't have a life) I have spent a week managing the configuration files and all the other stuff. Also I have gotten some very mature (also funny) staff to help me you! Some important staff are listed below -

  1. [Co-Owner] Myzin

  2. [Head-Admin] Andrew

  3. [Head-Mod] NeonBleeder

  4. [Builder] ShadowFire

These are not all of our staff, as we have a lot of them. The staff listed above are some of my best staff (in order). Because I am only 12 years old, I need some mature people to help me run this server.

We also wont spam you guys to vote or donate because we think it is just stupid. We are also not like servers to support "pay 2 play" or "pay 2 win" or even "Donate to use this item". That is just so stupid of them as everyone no matter what should enjoy gameplay of a good server!

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