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Apocalyptic Nightmare
Teamspeak 3:
Why Chose us? (Short)
Well in short we have a very responsible staff that is constantly expanding the server to make it better and fixing bugs if not before they happen right after. Our staff is mature and respecting all we ask is that you respect us back.

  • All the tp things you will need like /back /tpa /tpahere
  • Chop Tree 2
  • Factions
  • LWC
  • GriefPrevention
  • 3 Worlds
  • Ontime
  • STL
  • Towny
  • Votifier
  • Shops
  • (Spleef & Paintball coming soon along with mob arena)
    Why you should join us instead of other server (Long)
    Well we try to provide the BEST gaming experience possible for the time that you put in and we respect that you will want to grow and thrive. We are very lenient, kind, fun, and entertaining staff that all we ask for is respect, but if needed we will step in to prevent and issue from getting out of hand or fix and issue someone caused. We plan on adding Spleef, Paintball, and Mob Arena Plugins to our server very soon once we get the new spawn set up well. Speaking of new spawn we are constantly growing and changing. We are about 2 weeks old but all the staff have had past experience in administrating.
    We hope that you will join us on this adventure we are having as we grow and prosper.
    See you ingame –ambhamilton(Owner)

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