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OrakoCraft Tekkit Classic Economy, Plots, Events


Who Can Be The First To A million?
We currently are running a few plugins, which allow players in the world to be able to treat Tekkit classic such a business game. You can save up your money by selling items and renting land, and also taking part in events. Once you have enough money you can claim a plot in the Plots world. We are running a plugin called chest shop which will allow you as players to make your own shops, and there is also a AdminShop. We also have games such as MobArena and other events.

The server is playable and does not lag at all, all plugins are configured correctly and tested for maximum performance.

(However We Are Still Working On Builds And Will Be Looking For Help).
I am aware that Tekkit classic is not as popular as FTB as it stopped updating such a long time ago, However it is still a really fun modpack, and I urge players who have had a break (such as myself) from Tekkit to come and try to keep the community going!

Plus we also have no banned items!

There are 30 Slots available on the server!


Plus: We will also be looking for Moderators, and eventually admins, to help manage the server.

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