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Everlands is PvE, Agriculture, Adventure, Building based.

CurseForge/ Twitch Launcher:




Full mod list:
Apple Core
Apple Skin
Auto Reg Lib
Better Builders Wands
Chisels and Bits
CodeChicken Core
CodeChicken Lib
Cooking for Blockheads
Custom Main Menu
Draws and Bits
Earth Works
Ender Storage
Ender Zoo
Extra Bit Manipulation
Extra Utilities
Fast Leaf Decay
Flat Coloured Blocks
Hunger Overhaul
Infinity Lib
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Backpacks
Iron Chests
JEI Bees
Journey Map
Just Enough Items
Loot Tweaker
Mod Tweaker
More Bees
More Overlays
Pam's Harvestcraft
Progressive Automation
Resource Loader
Rougelike Dungeons
Spice of Life
Storage Drawers
Super Circuit Maker
Tinkers' Construct
Tinker Tool Leveling
Villager Trading Ban
WAILA Harvestability

Very good server with a friendly community.

Nonetheless, the server fails to meet its full potential. As a server that has been running for many years, and as a player that has been playing for quite a long time on the server, I feel like there has lately been a lack of enthusiasm by the staff to keep the server up.

In addition, the non-working voting system really keeps the server back, as it could have a better advertisement if the active players were encouraged to vote regularly. Despite an in-game login rewards system, the server wont attract new players if it sits low within the server lists online.

Despite that, the Discord is pretty active for any open questions, and reports.

I really like the server, and I do wish to see new players coming in and new active staff brought into the team. In the past few months I've only spotted 5 out of the 11 staff online, and only about 2 of them have "actively" been joining in the server. ('actively' meaning around once every 1-2 days, for a few minutes and then logging out)

I know that the owner is pretty busy, but that's what staff is for, and if the staff are busy, then new staff need to be appointed. Hope to see some improvements soon ;(
Posted 8th Apr 2018
This is by far the best magic and technology servers I have ever played on, the owner is very friendly, the players help each-other without just throwing materials at each other, and the staff are really decent folk. I recommend this server to everyone! Everyone seems to like everyone else, give it a go!
Posted 5th Jun 2017
If you're love building with some farming on the side, this pack will be perfect.
Buildings can be protected by claiming so none of your hard work will go to waste.
Monthly building competitions can be a great way to show people your creativity or to get some inspiration by looking at some of the marvels the members of this lovely community create.

- Cyrender/Galacius
Posted 5th Jun 2017
Cool community, cool mods - my son plays on these servers occasionally and people are always happy to help out (despite him spamming chat with oooooooooooooo)!
Posted 5th Jun 2017
Love the server, with all its players and mods it has, been here since day one and cant stop playing, staff are friendly and always try help no matter if it is in game or in real life, the mods we have are fun to play around with plus always kept up to date, the claiming system is good and if you did get something stolen staff are on it.

- Lewis
Posted 5th Jun 2017
An amazing server with a dedicated staff team and owner. If you need help with something, you can always hop on their Discord, and they'll be there. Unlike other servers, they listen to you when you ask questions and suggest things. Highly recommend it.
Posted 5th Jun 2017
I like the focus on the long game, with some of the mods and recipes in the pack its ment to keep you busy, and theirs usually something you should be working on, the low tech theme means you have to come up with creative methods of doing stuff that might not have come to mind otherwise however i dislike the loss of any gravestone mods, had a couple nasty incidents thanks to that, but i understand that it was not included for anti-griefing reasons.
Posted 5th Jun 2017
10/10! I tend not to stick around very long on any server, but this, this is different. I have been with the DragonTech group for a very long time now, well over two years! It saddens me to see how little the community is compared to how amazing it is.. I definitely recommend joining, or at least trying out Everlands or Dragon Industries!

Posted 4th Jun 2017