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[1.3.9]Atomic Core[PvP/Factions/Raiding]


Hello everyone! My Friend and I are starting up a Brand New Big Dig server for all of you to play on! As of now we have a staff of two. Looking to expand as the server grows. The server is DDos protected and has a 98% uptime. The server is based in chicago. We would love to have everyone come check it out. The server will be up by this weekend. We have a ton of ranks avaliable so anyone can afford to get a few perks. The Public Mine will have useful ores and will be open to all players and the Donor mines, Thats right Mines, will be open to only donors and have useful and rare ores. Come Play on Atomic Core!



  • Essentials

  • Time Ranks

  • Buyable Ranks

  • Factions

  • Keep Inventory on death

  • 98% uptime

  • Public Mine

  • Donor Mine

  • Donor Perks


  • No Griefing

  • No Hacking

  • No Duping

  • No Spamming

  • No Excessive swearing

  • No Harrassment

  • Repect all staff

  • Have fun!

Server Information:

  • Banned Mods: Dimensional Doors, Dimensional Anchor, Mystacraft

  • Banned Items: Red-Matter, Turtles, Item Router, Space Rocket, Chocobosaddlebag, Safari net reusable, Betterstorage backpack

  • Server Difficulty: Normal

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