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Tekkit Addicts ~ 24/7 PVE


Hello Tekkit Players Are you looking for a server for NO TIME RESTRICTIONS and MINIMAL BANNED ITEMS? We are TekktiAddicts! We don’t restrict basic items such as MK3s and Computers simply because we want you to have a great time! Here at TekkitAddicts, we don’t take donations! Timed Ranks Exist, and are based off a League of Legends ranking system. Your rank increases every 5 hours. You unlock /nick at 120 hours. Players are allowed to place 6 of each MK(1,2,3) every day. Voting resets the counters, and allows 6 more to be placed.


Grief Prevention World Guard Core Protect Chest Shop Economy TekkitRestrict


New Server! Properly set plugins Minimum lag No PvP 24/7 Server Dedicated server Strict no grief policy

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