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Hello Tekkit classic players. As we progress more content will be added. Our official network has only just been born. We are a hub server with Survival and Factions.
Survival server is mixed with grief prevention and towny so you can create a town or simply have your own claims with grief prevention. Big towns established and built well by the community. EMC Farms are enabled on this Server as well as KeepInventory. Factions has a lot un-restricted to be fun for members. Explosives are enabled and the Factions plugin has been customized to work well with Tekkit classic.
All servers use timed ranks, the timed ranks can use all items donors can use, so if you play to the end you can be as successful as any donor, eliminating pay to win.
Cross server chat is enabled across all servers for effective communication and correspondence with staff. The auction plugin can be used cross server for both servers wishing to sell any items easily. Vote Crates have been added, each time a player votes, not only will they receive their vote rewards, but a vote key with a chance to receive more!
Mini-games added: mob arena, spleef, and casino, with more on the way! We also have a massive player mall which I would say is one of the best across tekkit. You can own your own shop with a spacious plot. Infected our zombie PVP mini game is unique to any others!
Kit plugin with great kits, including starter kit and moving kit allowing you to get alchemy bags straight away!
Many fixes and anti cheat plugins are in place to make your experience lag free, removing all the cheaters and most importantly crashes.
Lots of custom plugins await you on our new server and we are developing much more in the future, such as a Company Plugin and Private Chest only accessible by commands.
Thanks for Reading Enjoy Tekkit Classic. - Vivolus.

Server Specifications:

  • Hosted In Phoenix, Arizona. United States.
  • Intel Xeon E3-1240 v2
  • 128GB SSD
  • 32GB DDR RAM
  • 15 TB Transfer (1GBPS Upload)
this server is honestly the best ive ever played on. the staff are super friendly and helpful, as are the more high ranking players. ive played on many tekkit classic servers, and this is the one i always seem to come back to. if you're looking for a good server, this is the one you need to play
Posted 11th Jan 2018
Super nice server :D.............................................
Posted 4th Feb 2017