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Hello Guys. Its BinaryProject, we are a youtube channel who provide the binaryproject servers with stuff they need. I am here to advertise our newly made Hexxit server. I want you guys to join and show me whether you are the best when it comes to dominating others and Pvp and Factions.

(CopyRight From SR_The_Original (BinaryMember)

Rules of the server: (Players)
1) No Hacking
2) No Spamming
3) Spawn Kill (Not Constantly)
4) No Asking for ranks or items without reason
5) Don't trick players into stuff
6) You can gain the "youtuber" rank only with Evidence.

What is the purpose of server?

BinaryProject-HexxiMania is a server which has "permissions-Factions" meaning if you were to make a clan you can get unique permissions which other factions might not have like /fireball. You can purchase permissions for your factions, making the game play a bit more tense and exciting.

What ranks do we have?
On our server some players who record get special ranks, One of them is called "Youtuber" rank. Youtuber rank has certain alterations which make game play a bit relaxing.


At the moment we will be needing:

3 Moderators

I will alert you if we need more staff

New Features:
In our server we added "Pinata-Mobs" they are like boss levels but with over 2000 Hearts. When you kill them you will find out what they drop.

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