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FactionVoid 1.7.10


This is a modded minecraft server that runs the 1.7.10 Modpack. The Big Magic-Tech Pack for 1.7.10! (longer down for link too set in the client of Technic launcher)

It's a new modpack, updated regularly!

About our server!

It runs very smooth play with no block update lag or tick lag, and regular backups. We have admins on almost all day, and our server restarts automatically with a crash, and every 2 hours if nobody is online, so it should run very smoothly. Also, Free apple pie!


GriefPrevention - Simply use a golden shovel on the ground to claim a small area

RandomPort - Teleport around the world! A faster way to find materials or somewhere to start

Clans - We are using a permissions manager to create clan like groups for a faction war. There are two major clans, and users cannot make their own.

Banitem - Ever get banned for having something you didn't know you weren't allowed? Not here! We have a plugin that stops you from even crafting things you shouldn't use.

Donations help keep FactionVoid running and to make it a better place! Donations have the following rewards; $10 pack – For $10 you will receive; - Access to free flight! - Use of a nickname which will show in chat! - The ability to set more home warp points! All of this will last for 2 months. $20 pack – For $20 you will receive; -Access to everything in the $10 pack, plus more even more home warp points! -More rewards will be added soon! All of this will last for 6 months.

(Please note that all donations are non-refundable)

Here is the link: (if that don't work, check here: too get a new link too put in)

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