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Wildlabs [TEKKIT LITE 0.6.1] [SMP] {24/7} {Whiteli

  • Server Name: Wildlabs
  • Server Address:
  • Game Play Types: Tekkit Lite, SMP, Normal difficulty


A simple survival server where the WildLabs Corp. (WLC) make their home and definitely aren't running any shady questionable experiments in hidden bunkers around the world…

The server is a 24/7 survival server which we are hoping to create a good community to shape the world. All building styles and gameplay styles are welcome though if you wish to add to a player created town or city, please ask before you build your own structures close by.

WLC Bunkers are mini adventure maps and will have their rules of what you can bring into them at the start please follow the rules if you want to go through the bunker and enjoy the WLC story or move on.

OPs powers will only be used to create the WLC bunkers and nothing else. All homes, towns, cities and other builds will be made from what you can collect mine and trade.


  1. No griefing, stealing, cheating etc. Do not take ANY items from any chests or modify player's builds unless they say it is okay to, or you will be banned Replant, breed what you take from any farms.
  2. Treat all players with respect, don't be rude, don't create any unnecessary drama.
  3. If you find a WLC Bunker treat it as a mini adventure map and follow the rules set by the entry console

E-mail me ( with:

  • In-Game Name:
  • Age:
  • Why you would like to join:
  • Your experience with Tekkit Lite:
  • One of your favourite jokes:

Players will be approved at my discretion.

  • Server: 1.5GB server, 20 slots.

  • Owner/Admins/Moderators: Caligoluna, Gzuz85

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