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Welcome to LOTRPack!

A Lord of The Rings modded server centered around PvP and warfare! Discover and explore middle earth and battle with other players by downloading our modpack!

Check out the following resources if you are new to the mod or need help:
Video by Joetatoe :
LOTR mod wiki:
LOTR mod facebook:
MCF thread:

Great Server! Raiding + Modded Items + Factions == SUPER FUN!!!
Posted 30th Dec 2017
This server is awesome! It has great staff who help out and the ability to create High Tech factions and raid each other is something unique to this great server! My faction is HUGE and our base is nearly unraidable!
Posted 30th Dec 2017
As soon as logging in I was hit with a wall of spam. Players on the server found it funny to harass new players by spamming the chat with Teleport Requests. After they finally stop, don't even think about asking questions - you will be sent hateful messages, and called by derogatory remarks. 10/10 Will NEVER play on this server.
Posted 28th Dec 2017