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Leona Sky ~ 1.7.10 pack server ~ MODPACK


[Attention] I do not own the modpack or maintain the modpack this is a server running the modpack! If you would like the modpack go here!

Leona sky ip:

Discord address:

LeonaSky has been a server of many colors literally! our server has many great features [such as but not limited to]

  • Atomic disassemblers don't use energy! Tired of recharging?
  • Tainting bases is allowed!
  • Fun players to get along with
  • Great staff Our staff aren't idiots and don't ban people for no reason!
  • And many more!

----------------------------------------------------------Info no one cares to read below----------------------------------------------------------

What we offer:
We offer a collection of great gameplay situations for you that you can come to love! Hey my username is Islandwolfgang and I'm happy to bring to the community my 1.7.10 pack server! We offer great money making system, A market for you to use, and players to trade with! The spawn is really nice and user-friendly with portals out in the open, with a place to hang out, go afk in, and even have your statue built! [Must ask admin to add it]

What we promise to bring to the table:
My staff and I promise to bring a great experience with friendly help both ingame and in our discord! I love owning servers and strive to make it the best playtime possible for my players! We own other types of mudpack servers too [Must see in discord]

What we want in players:
We simply want you to enjoy yourself, give your opinion and be a great part in the community!

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