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Tekkcraft - Join the wars and rebuild an Empire!


Welcome to Tekkcraft! the official Tekkpak Server! Join us in the fight for dominance over the Tekkcraft Nations! Or just build and wage your own war!

This Server uses the Tekkpak Modpack found here:

Tekkcraft is a unique server using Tekkpak, which can be found on Technic.
for the last 3 years Tekkcraft's Players have spent hours waging war against NPC's and other players, Fighting as part of one of the 3 Tekkcraft Nations, or as their own faction.

In recent months the 3 Nations have fallen into disarray, NPC's are mere servants of the Players, and the 3 Capitals stand in ruin!
Players have moved from Science and Healing powers to Dark magic, such as Blood Magic and Forbidden science, like Advanced Genetics. Without the Nations to govern them, the Players are at each others throats, there is death and carnage everywhere.

All is not lost however, There are mysterious groups Attempting to rebuild the capitals, They are relying on you to help them in the race to dominate the Overworld!

Will you join the Guardians, a proud Nation mixed with NPC's and players?
or lay down your sword in place of the protective Magics of the Anquietas?
or will you build weapons the likes of which have never been seen, and fight under the Order NPC's in a bid to rid the Overworld of Players once and for all?

We hope you will take the time to download our modpack and join the Fight!

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