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FrozenSoul Network

FrozenSoul Network


This is a great server. The staff are helpful and friendly and the community is very welcoming.
Posted 15th Feb 2018
Out of all the modded Minecraft networks I have played on FrozenSoul have truly provided the best experience and continues to do so. The owner, badgernz, keeps his servers updated and his network running proficiently. I love that they are always adding new packs to keep things interesting. The staff are active, helpful and just really great people to befriend. I highly recommend the FrozenSoul network to those looking for well run and fun Minecraft network to call home.
Posted 5th Feb 2018
So far this has been the best modded minecraft server i have played on. there is very little block lag, very few banned items and the staff is always more than happy to help you with anything you may need!
Posted 29th Dec 2017
There are several words I can drum up to describe the treatment I received but let me limit it one: bad news bears
Posted 12th Dec 2017
This server is really cool! The community and stuff are really nice and welcoming also. Would recommend to all players.
Posted 14th Nov 2017