This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TheSynthCraft |Pixelmon 3.3.8|Wondertrade|Casino|E


Server IP:


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Includes friendly staff members as well as players!


WonderTrade: Allows you to send a Pokemon to the WonderTrade pool to receive another from the WonderTrade pool. There is also a chance of getting shinies and legendaries!

Random Port: Allows you to teleport to a random location!

Events: We will hold Tournaments every now and then if we have enough players online. How the Tournament works is 2 players battle, and whoever loses, gets eliminated and whoever wins, gets put into the winners list for the final battles. Whenever everyone has battles and we have all our winners, then the winners battle till we have 2 last people and whoever wins that last battle, wins a shiny, and in some cases a LEGENDARY!

Casino: You can gamble all your money at the casino with the casino slots. You have a chance of winning Money, Rare Candies or Ultra Balls!

Drop Parties: We hold Drop Parties every week or every other week. It's usually a surprise every time! The drop parties usually contain a lot of Balls including Master balls, TM, and other rare Poke Items!


-Starter (Can get upon first join)
-Beginner (Must join Website to get)
-Elite (Must donate)
-Champion (Must donate)
-Master (Must donate)

Come join to learn more about the server!

Pixelmon Version: 3.3.8

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