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Harsh World B-Team [Raiding, PVP, FACTIONS, Noob F

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Welcome To Harsh World B-team!

Join our website for more info!

Our IP's 

Attack of the B-team:

TeamSpeak3 Server

We are a friendly technic pack community server that is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience on either our Attack of the B-team or upcoming Minecraft Mini-games server. Our main server is now Attack of the B-team. Our goals for our servers are as follows:

  1. Provide the best experience for our players
  2. Stay as lag free as possible
  3. Have every player and staff member be treated with respect
  4. Make it easy for new players to get started
  5. Stay a PVP server meaning that no one is invincible
  6. Leave every player with a good experience on Harsh World Servers!

We hope to achieve all these goals above and we hope you enjoy your time on Harsh World =)
Cant wait to see you online!

  • Jeters_belly

What we have to offer you!

Only 4 Banned items!

  1. 24/7 Servers
  2. Factions
  3. Raiding
  4. PVP
  5. Quick Trading
  6. Economy
  7. Head Drops
  8. You will recieve in game money for your play time
  9. Vote Rewards
  10. Massive Shops
  11. Fair Balanced game play
  12. Friendly Enviroment
  13. Noobs feel welcome
  14. Easy to start off
  15. Player Markets
  16. Player Bounties

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