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My Pixelmon Space

pin_drop My.Pixelmon.Space

My Pixelmon Space is my spin on a Pixelmon Survival game. Everyone will have access to the PlotMe world that have 32x32 plots for people to claim and build on. Only 1 plot per person. People can work 4 Jobs and make money over time. Use ChestShop to sell some of the items you make through your jobs and general game play for more cash. Once you have gotten enough cash you can make a town and eventually a nation. Towns and nations can donate for a NPC gym to be placed in their territory. There will also be default gyms available for play and will progress similar to that of the gameboy games. Another goal is to construct some daily "instances" to which people can go and battle NPC's for loot. This server is intended to be a heavily community driven world where trading and working together will be key. If any of this interests you feel free to come try out the server. I am sure you wont be disappointed!

                                                                                                                      -TheNyne :)

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