This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Chillax Hexxit - Chillax-Gaming


Chillax Gaming presents Chillax Hexxit! Are you looking for a server to play with friends on or even find friends on (like us :D)? Then Chillax Gaming's Hexxit server is for you! We feature many things from PvP Server with griefing and Factions, PvE Server with no griefing and towny, Hexxit skyblock, and hexxit survival games.


To join our servers just join the IP above and enter either the PvE or PvP server! For more information about the difference read below!
We are looking for staff too!

Hexxit PvE
Do you like to just relax, build, learn, have fun with friends without worry of people ruining your builds and fun? Play on our Hexxit PvE server!

Hexxit PvP
Or are you one of those people who like ruining people's fun (;3 which is fun to do) and also like the challenge of being able to defend off people who want to grief and attack you? Then you are for our hard mode Hexxit PvP server!

Both Servers Include

Tons of Amazing Tools!

Banned Items (I know :( )

  • Quiver - Duping
  • Bag - Duping
  • Uncrafting Table - Bypass
  • Crumble Horn - Bypasses Protection
  • Ender Bow - Crashes server
  • Meteor Crap - Ruins things
  • Destruction Catalyst - Bypass
  • Buster Bullets - Bypasses Protection
  • Buster Magazine - Bypasses Protection
  • Magic Mirror - Crashes Server
  • Capsule Station - Bypass Protection
  • BonemealBag - Crashes Server when used on Saplings
  • SoulShard - SoulCages Lag
  • Drawbridge - Bypass and Crash
  • Chocobo Saddle Bags - Dupes
  • Carrot - Crashes Server
  • Box - Crashes Server
  • Essence Extractor - Glitch this item is removed in newer TConstructs

Any questions feel free to comment below or contact me via
P.S. We are still working on adding more!

Pretty nice server, Jason is on whenever he needs to fix something and he has his own issues to deal with so no biggie, banned items are banned for a reason, problems get fixed pretty fast, recent events to no fault of the staff have caused some havoc but other than that good server and recently reset so lots of land to explore.
~ Coffee/Null; man of magic machinery B)
Posted 19th Feb 2018
The server is good, i enjoy the players. The higher staff could use a bit of work on how they handle things and treat the players, other than that pretty good server.
Posted 19th Feb 2018
Well, what could I say about Chillax? Quite a few things.

First off, the staff is incredibly incompetent and disrespectful of its players. I, for one, couldn't go five minutes without having to see them continuously be swearing at their players to be quiet.

On top of that, the server advertises that they have a very short, few-banned-items list. This is very incorrect. Countless things on the server are banned (such as Hookshots, explosive shots, the entire DimensionalDoors mod, carrots [yes, carrots], and more)--but they don't tell you this until you try and craft something. Even big backpacks--a Hexxit necessity--are banned, not because they break the game but rather because the admins (and owner, Chase, who is just as inappropriate and rude as his staff) would rather charge its players a few dollars in order to get access to large backpacks, which is also directly against Mojang's EULA (which modded servers are NOT exempt from).

Finally, adding on the disrespectfulness and rudeness of the staff, the admins of the server can't even be bothered to warn players when resets occur. I, for one, became a new player about two weeks ago, and in that time became very powerful and rich on the Factions server. I checked with the website and admins continuously to make sure the world--and everything I'd worked for--wouldn't be lost. I logged in one day to find everything gone, my rank reset, and all my riches as if they never even existed. This was followed with me being told that I was, quote, "!&%$ outta luck," by the Owner, as it was a sudden decision he decided to do for absolutely no reason, and couldn't be bothered for his players.

Such a shame. Don't play on this server if you don't want to deal with corrupt and rude staff, or if you don't want to suddenly see all your hard work go to waste without warning. I created an account just to write this review.
Posted 30th Jul 2017
Wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. Friendly and proactive staff team.
Posted 22nd Aug 2016
Very nice staff and members, highly recommend!
Posted 20th Aug 2016