This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Arcania Tekkit Classic 3.1.2 ~Towny Factions LWC F


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Arcania is the continued legacy created the technic crew, we have kept everything to the way we had it 2 years ago. With a flawless towny and factions worlds, so weather you like fighting or building, its really up to you
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AMD FX 4100 Processer  
2TB Seagate barracuda HHD
1gbit dedicated uplink 

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Arcania Is the newest emerging Towny/Factions Tekkit Server with endless possiblities and adventures.
You will enjoy:
A griefer-free experience while under town protection

A PvP and aggressive Mob free environment in our Towns

A vibrant, active, and helpful community

First-Class lite role-play experience

And is you are looking for a town just simply do the command /nt and it will inform a mayor to invite you to thier town.

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Our staff loves its community and players just as much as we do and we only choose long time players that are friendly and help new players and overall make the community thrive to what it is now.
If you need help with an issue feel free to contact us on the forums, on Teamspeak, or if it's a major problem that needs quick assistance, you can also contact us in game through our help channel or through a message.

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