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Attrition Warfare


A Flans server like no other before. Combining a blend of sensory enhancement mods such as Presence Footsteps and high resolution textures and what you've all been waiting for. Lots, and lots of 3D textured guns. Struggle to survive or rise with others by your side or to watch your back and engage in intense and strategic clashes of faction strength that can be ended in less than a few well placed shots from a vast arsenal of weaponry. Or fight from behind the scenes, sending in small guerrilla forces to lay waste to an unsuspecting colony or rig a set of brand new explosives from Delta's very own, exclusive munitions pack and even wage war on a scale unseen with nuclear weapons and an array of missiles at your disposal. Join the fight now and pick out your fellow comrades or battle against the factions alone. Now with some technical expansion!

To join the server you need the Attrition Warfare modpack, which is available in the Technic Launcher :

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