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Quantum Survival


Quantum Surviaval is aimed for making PvP communities with Roleplay in mind, Allowing you to be able to communicate more with the players, your allies and your enemies!

Minimum Recommended RAM: 4.5GB / Recommended: 6GB Bare Minimum: 3.75GB

Don't want to fight other players and just Co-op? Our Admins will be happy to teleport you and your team FAR out into the wilderness where no player would be able to find you (Without cheating)

Complete with plugins and many MANY Items, Become a industrial KING! Using the in-game currency.

Compete against other players in a Arena Battle with tanks, guns and more!

We're always looking for more mods to add to our modpack so Feel free to drop a suggestion in our OFFICIAL Discord!

Vincent Dreemurr; The server's controller, stated "I see this pack as a large bundle of all the mods a player could need for PvP, roleplay, and to have a base that isn't entirely made of squares, using a bundle of astetic mods, weapons, technology and food! A player will be able to constantly have something to aim for!"

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