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ModernScape | Skyblock


What is Modernscape?

Modernscape is a Multiplayer Minecraft Skyblock Server. If you do not know what Skyblock is,
Skyblock is a game where you have limited resources on a floating island, and you have to
survive as long as possible. Although this is not all that we have to offer. We have
many exciting upgrades and bonuses that can completely change gameplay to make
it a more exciting experience. We have prestigious ranks and exclusive perks that you can buy from the server shop that can help you on your journey to having the best island of them all.

Other features

Our server supplies PvP combat, so you can battle it out with your enemies, or form comraderies with new friends. PvP can increase your skills at becoming a better Minecraft player. We also supply crates. You can acquire crate keys from voting for our server. You can get amazing gear and perks from these chests, so be sure to vote. We have mines which you can access by purchasing one of our ranks from the server store. Buying a rank also furthers the development of the server. Mining at these mines can give you resources much faster than other means. You can gamble to get more money for your islands, but you can lose, so be careful.

Why should you play it over other servers?

Modernscape has a skyblock system unlike any other. Most skyblock servers can get boring and tedious after a short amount of time, but our server supplies a plethora different custom perks you can acquire, as previously mentioned. You can play by yourself, or you can experience Co-op play with your friends. If you wanted to, you could even have up to 16 friends on your island to help you make a great island. Our friendly staff team will make sure that any bugs will be fixed, and any rule-breakers will be punished.

We are a clean and wonderful community, and we hope that you can join us to help grow our community. Thank you for reading.

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