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Description: Vade Nexus has been around while and we know looking for a server to spend your time on is difficult. Here you're guaranteed to be able to experience everything Hexxit has to offer including large group dungeons designed by our staff team! What is Hexxit without epic dungeons and a class to play anyway!? We even provide a global market to sell all the items you no longer use. Due to the GriefPrevention plugin, griefing is never a problem here at the Nexus. We even have a unique class ranking system to get you started! It includes 4 classes each with 14 ranks and others that can be earned in game. You're also guaranteed to have a surplus of resources from the resetting public mines. Finally, we have prevented every known way of duplicating items so that everyone can enjoy the game without imbalance. On top of all of these great features we are lag-free!

Tired of accidently hitting your friends in a dungeon? You can join a party by inviting your friends with /party invite and having them /party accept, you even get your own private chat for the group! /party chat

5 Classes: - Warrior - Mage - Ranger - Healer - Rogue (Rogue $35000 In Game) Or ($10)

All 5 Classes have 14 ranks each with their own kit. You can rank up and earn better kits the more you play! Once you reach the highest rank in your class you can join Raid Worlds for the best loot on the server!

Don't Have Hexxit? Don't worry, it is the easiest of any mod or modpack to install, just vist for a launcher that sets up everything for you! No messing around with files, or the minecraft directory!

The Hexxit Nexus listens to their players. We need you to help us grow so we can become one the best hexxit communities out there! Come join us, and we will give you a warm welcome!

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