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Obscurity's Public PVE Survival Server


Obscurity's 24/7 Public PVE Survival Server

Hello mod-pack players! A few friends and I have started a new All The Mods 3 community and we would like everybody to join and play!

  • Our server is a 100% vanilla PVE, no griefing survival server. We recommend that anybody who decides to play join with a friend as it makes the whole playing experience much more fun. The global difficulty is currently set to Normal difficulty as it is a fair not too hard and not too easy setting.

  • As of right now there are no limitations aside from Griefing, Raiding, and Hacking. You are completely free to build whatever redstone device, machine, farm, building that you imagine!

  • Our server is currently running 6GB. Just enough to hold a small/medium community. We don't expect many players on at the start but if the number grows we won't hesitate to upgrade our hardware.

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